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“Yang Qian” Chinese sharpshooter Win the first gold medal at the 2020 Olympics

Yang Qian, Chinese female sharpshooter won the first gold medal of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In the women’s individual air rifle competition.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has officially kicked off. On July 24, it was the first day of competition. and has the first gold medal of the tournament in shooting competition Female airsoft rifle type

The gold medal went to Yang Qian, a young Chinese sniper. The shoot-off duel defeated Anatasiya Galachina from the Russian Olympic team.

In the first shot off, Yang shot 10.7, Galachina shot 10.8, but in the second shot, Kalashina shot down only 8.9, Yang shot 9.8, won the gold medal with a score of 251.8, which is a new record of the person. in the Olympics too

Galacina took the silver medal with a score of 251.1 while the bronze medalist Christian Nina of Switzerland scored 230.6.